If you do ONE THING today, don’t put off reading this article. There are 15 tips – yes, read them all – for tackling your chronic procrastination.

They’re not long. And they make a lot of sense. Tips like: Delegate – Automate – Move off Your Plate. 

Procrastination often comes from feeling overwhelmed. So get less overwhelmed. Delegate things where others could help you. If you have a team you work with, give them tasks and support, and then let them go to work.

Automate daily routines so you’re not bogged down. AI can do a lot more than write your term paper. Figure out what you can program and then free up some more valuable time.

Moving off your plate means finishing the hard stuff, ticking the box and moving on. Maybe even throw in a little reward for yourself for being more organised and efficient. See, look at what you’ve just learned by sticking it out. Imagine what else lies in store in this article.