The “I Don’t!” Project is an empowering program that can help you reclaim your life. The goal is to help as many people as possible to stop bad behaviours through the power of self-discipline, self-dialog and repetition. 

Our community is designed to give you the support you need to prioritize your well-being and stay true to your values so you can create a life that’s aligned with your goals and aspirations.

Kicking habits can be challenging, but not impossible. Your inner voice and thoughts determine who you are. What you think and say about yourself is who you are. It’s your truth. 

The words that you believe and repeat directly affect your actions. So your decisions (both good and bad) directly reflect the truth you’re telling yourself. 

The “I Don’t!” project is designed to teach you about the truths you are telling yourself, help you to recognize when they work against your goals and how to replace the negative inner dialog with a positive mental agreement, and how to remain disciplined so it becomes a natural part of your life.

“I Don’t” Is a 100% Commitment.

This is NOT a half-hearted declaration. If you’re not ready to fully believe that you CAN and WILL say “I Don’t!” that’s okay.

Not everyone’s ready to fully commit.

When you honestly believe your new mental agreement, it will change your life. You can eliminate your negative behavior with the repetitive practice of your personal “I don’t!” statement.


Anyone. Everyone.

You’re trying to get rid of a habit. A behavior that doesn’t serve you. A trait that bothers you. Certain foods. Substances. Thoughts. Anything that you know is bad for you.

It doesn’t matter how big or small.
It doesn’t matter if it’s visible to others or not.
It doesn’t matter if your family & friends acknowledge it as an issue.
It is something that bothers YOU. And YOU want to change it. You are ready to turn the page and start working on it.

“I don’t” is for YOU.


It isn’t a pill that you take and everything changes.
It is not wishful thinking.

IT IS A PATH to a better future.

Eliminating a habit takes work.
And sometimes you can slip up. That’s okay. You can never “fail” at being yourself.
Think about what happened. Forgive yourself. And carry on.

The path of “I don’t!” requires cognitive exercise and repetition.
That’s how the brain changes.